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Greenco. Our aim is to create a direct link between suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers in Poland and Eastern Europe.

By working with a local company, it allows the customer to connect with partners from all over the world that understand their needs and requirements. It also ensures that you connect with partners who have been carefully selected for their dependability.

Our job is to facilitate the sourcing process and help the producers work directly with the customers. Let us know what you require, and we will take care of the rest.


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Greenco is knowledge and experience born from a love of fruits and vegetables. For several years, we have been cooperating with the best producers in Europe and overseas. Thanks to us, they are now able to reach customers directly in Poland and Eastern Europe. We know our market inside out, and this is why we have built such strong and lasting relationships between the supplier and the customer. In essence, we assist both parties at every stage of the process.

Greenco's customers are both wholesalers, retail chains, and fruit and vegetable processors. Thanks to the portfolio of suppliers we represent, they are able to develop their competitive advantages. We work on a partnership basis. If you are interested in new suppliers or want to diversify existing ones, you can count on our professional support. We are also open to cooperating with suppliers who would like to directly reach customers on our market.

Quality inspection. Pital, Costa Rica, 2012.

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Contact us and learn more about how our years of experience can help you grow your business. Choose your preferred method of contact and let's start doing business together!

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